Kaiwhenua – Food from the land – Free cooking seasoning selection

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Created by Matt Burgess group chef from caravan and massive kiwi legend.

Kaiwhenua (Kai-fen-nu-ah) means ‘food from the land’ in Maori, native tongue.

A selection of salts that have been toasted, crushed and packaged by hand and home brewed vinegars.

Each product can be added to food at different stages of the cooking process to bring different flavours to your dish.

These products bring his favourite flavours of free cooking – that’s cooking without constraints.

With Matt growing up in New Zealand, they are known for their brunch. However, their inspiration and flavours come from all over the world, which has influenced his style of cooking.

You can now taste these flavours in your home.

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1 x Jerk salt – inspired by the incredible flavours of the Caribbean, whilst not a traditional seasoning or finishing salt, it’s primarily used for chicken, turkey or even try it on your potato salad.

1 x pineapple vinegar – Fruit vinegar with a deep molasses undertone, sweet and tangy, this is the perfect condiment to any white meat dish.

1 x Souvlaki Salt – works as a rub on meat or added to mayonnaise or yoghurt with a dash of lemon – but its intended use is as a finishing salt.

A little on your lamb, beef and chicken before it hits the table is a winner alternatively, sprinkled on your veg or feta will get your guests salivating.

1 x Fuego In between a paste and a seasoning FUEGO can be used as a condiment or flavour.

Mix with lime juice, olive oil and brushed on meat or root vegetables, FUEGO leaves you wanting more

Sprinkle on eggs in the morning with avocado for a wake up call you didn’t know you needed.

Enrich your stews, dhal or baked beans … this is your new secret culinary weapon!

The spice whilst not for the faint-hearted has a beautiful savoury, fruity finish once the initial heat calms down.

If you like spice, this is it.


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