About Whittle & Flame


Matt Whittle & Flame - Barbeque AF.

Exceptional charcoal comes from an understanding of time and temperature. Our unique distilling process allows us to control both of these precisely, delivering exceptional charcoal that carries the distinct flavours of the British woodlands straight to your food.
Whittle & Flame charcoal is available from Ash, Beech and Sycamore trees – each with their own qualities depending on the type of grill and heat you desire and the type of food you are cooking.


distilled charcoal - whittle and flame

If you are looking for a charcoal that is so pure it lights without fuss, Whittle & Flame charcoal is almost certainly what your heart desires.

Our very unique process of “Thermal destructive distillation” leaves you with charcoal that still retains the tree’s carbon structure and the essence of individual character.

We make all of our charcoal ourselves, carefully. It still resembles wood when it’s ready – none of that briquette nonsense you probably grew up thinking was acceptable.


Chris standing in the forest.

We wear our hearts on our leaves.

Proper woodland management is at the heart of what we do. We harvest our wood in harmony with the natural cycles of the forest, leaving the woodland as undisturbed as possible for all its dwellers, from bluebells to butterflies to beech trees.


Solar Powered charcoal - whittle and flame process

Leaves use solar power to recycle carbon dioxide – into oxygen and trees. Clever.

We deal with the tricky bits of the carbon recycling process, so you can focus on using the recycled heat and light from the sun from your little bag of carbon batteries.

Safe in the knowledge that all that carbon in your charcoal is recycled. Magic.