20L BIOCHAR, Gardening Plant Charcoal, NOT FOR COOKING

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20L bag of Growing Charcoal, otherwise known as Biochar!

Whittle and Flame Distilled Biochar

The one-time soil treatment

Biochar is the sciencey name for charcoal intended for uses other than burning. It’s nearly entirely carbon and because of our very cleaver distillation process, every kilogram you use takes 3kg of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and keeps it locked up for thousands of years.

As well as saving the world, it works extremely hard for its living in your garden.

Microbe Metropolis

The incredible porous structure of biochar means that every 5kg bag has a surface area of 200 acres. This is prime microbial real estate and is colonised very quickly. The result is a soil that can break down organic material really effectively creating all the nutrients necessary for healthy plant growth

Nutrient Cycling

As nutrients are created in the soil, biochar brings its next special skill into the mix. Its unique chemistry locks up nutrients to stop them being washed away or evaporated by the sun and only releases them to plant roots.

Managing Moisture

Biochar hold lots of water in its porous structure making light soils more drought resistant and reducing the need for watering. At the same time its granular shape helps to break up heavy soils and improve drainage.

The Magic Ratio

To get the best results from your biochar, the magic ratio is 1:10

POTS AND PLANTERS – Your bag is 20L of biochar charcoal, so will make 200L of supercharged soil
That’s nice and easy if you are mixing with compost for pots, planters, raised beds.

VEG PATCH – If you’re digging it in, depending on how deep you are thinking of going, evenly spread the bag over about 2 square meters and turn over with a fork.
You can make your bags go a long way by simply adding to planting rows in a veg patch.
Each bag will be good for around 12 meters of super seed bed.

LAWN – If your Lawn needs a boost, apply to the surface and water in well with a hose or rain.





20L bag of Growing Charcoal, otherwise known as Biochar!


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