Wood Vinegar 1 litre

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Wood Vinegar is a natural bio stimulant that triggers healthy growth and increased yields.

It also increases resistance to drought, pests and disease.

Use to water your plants and garden every three weeks.

Dilute 1:200 or 1 capful to 3 litres of water

For Healthy Resilient Plants

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At the Whittle and Flame Wood Distillery we are on a mission to capture and utilise every product that is created in the process of Thermal Destructive Distillation of the trees harvested from our woodlands.  Wood Vinegar is one of those products.  In nature it is created in wildfires where its role is to cause the regeneration of whole landscapes.  The chemical signals it contains trigger responses in seeds, plants and micro organisms in our living soils. If you think this is incredible, imagine what it can do in your garden!

It tells seeds that this is a good time to germinate, and causes roots to grow deep. It triggers leaves to collect more energy from the sun and activates plant’s abilities to withstand pest and disease.  It boosts growth-promoting soil fungi and bacteria to create and distribute vital resources to growing plants.  It causes plants to produce fruits with higher nutritional value, and all of this without costing the Earth.

Perfect for house plants, flower beds, vegetable plots, trees and even your lawn.

When diluted apply at 1 litre per square meter.  There’s no need to over-apply as a little goes a very long way.

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