Carbon Litterers Bundle

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2x 20L Biochar

1x 1l Wood Vinegar

The perfect carbon litterers starter pack.

Whether you are planning on using this bundle to care for your own garden or to get a little more guerrilla about it, you’ll be locking up carbon for thousands of years.

At Whittle and Flame, we are encouraging everyone to play an active part in using biochar to mitigate our impact on the climate. Please follow the Instagram account @carbonlitterers and let us know where you’ve littered your carbon – the first half of a postcode is all we need – and we’ll use that to create a map of the U.K. showing how much of the country we can cover with a layer of carbon.

Apply biochar to soil to improve microbial life, reduce soil compaction, increase water retention and much more as well as locking some carbon away for a long time to come.  Apply wood vinegar diluted 200:1 with water, when watering your lawn, vegetables or trees giving the plants a much needed boost.

Both biochar and wood vinegar are produced in our wood distillery alongside barbeque charcoal and the utilisation of these brilliant products ensures you are making the most out of every tree to go through our process.


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